Dreaming of Aloha Application

What does Urban Surf 4 Kids mean to you and how would you benefit from participating in the 2017 Dreaming of Aloha Program?

Please answer the questions below using a 1-10 scale.
1 meaning completely disagree, 10 meaning completely agree.

*The questions below in no way determine or affect your eligibility to participate in our Dreaming of Aloha program and are strictly to be used as data that anonymously gauges our participants' progress.

I am an important part of my community.

I have a good relationship and can trust in at least one adult in my life.

I have accomplished some goals successfully.

I have a good understanding and awareness of cultures other than my own.

I have good, trustworthy friends that I can depend on.

I could be a leader in my community.

I have the ability to attend college and have a successful career.

I understand my values and morals and can make decisions based on these.

I feel like I am a part of something important.

I can work in a group setting with others successfully.

I can see myself in a successful career and achieve my life goals.

Program Details and Requirements

Dreaming of Aloha is an annual surf and serve trip sponsored by Urban Surf 4 Kids. Participating youth, who complete the program, will have the opportunity to travel to Oahu Hawaii for the opening of the Eddie Aikau Surf Contest. Youth will participate in activities to include, surfing, snorkeling, shark diving, cultural performances, and the completion of a volunteer day with the Mauli Ola Foundation. Dreaming of Aloha is held annually in the beginning of December and youth and chaperones will travel to Oahu for a 7 day Hawaiian experience.

In order to be eligible for the program youth must:

Be in good standing in their homes (verified by chaperone or facility representative)

  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Current active member of the US4K Ohana
  • Between the ages of 13-17
  • Have a chaperone available to attend the trip

After acceptance in the program each youth will be required to:

  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Maintain good standing in their homes
  • Attend the DOA Code of Conduct Class
  • Complete the US4K Water Safety Course
  • Participate in two Community Service projects
  • Assist US4K staff at our 2017 camps

All applications will be filled out and submitted online by NLT July 5, 2017. DOA finalists will be announced at our Surf With a Cop Day surf camp on July 15, 2017. For questions or concerns please contact Craig Jenkins at Craig @us4k.org