Urban Surf 4 Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing water-based events for foster children and orphan youth, while also empowering them to support their local community through volunteering for a local charity or cause.

Code of Ethics (English)

To guide current and future Urban Surf 4 Kids board, staff, volunteers and participants.

Empower “Face the big kahuna”

As Urban Surfers we embrace opportunities to implement change in ourselves and in the world around us. We challenge each other to make courageous decisions as both leaders and followers. We have the audacity to overcome difficult challenges.

Integrity “Keepin’ it real”

Strive to be trustworthy, sincere and consistent in everything we do. We are responsible stewards of Urban Surf 4 Kids resources. We are honest with ourselves and the people around us. As role models, we live healthy lives by respecting our minds, bodies and spirits.

Service “Droppin’ in”

Give back to the community without the expectation of receiving something in return. We believe that service is our responsibility to our community.

Fun “Get rad”

Be true to ourselves and live in the moment. We are spontaneous, playful and laugh a lot. We push the limits without involving ourselves in activities that can endanger our lives.

Safety “Have each other’s backs’’

Respect boundaries and protect the organization and those around us. We guard against physical, social, moral, emotional, psychological or other types of harm.

Compassion “Don’t worry we all wipeout”

Help each other when we fall down whether in life or in sport. We provide support and strength in times of need. We demonstrate care by seeking to understand one other.

Family “Ohana unit“

We are a family that recognizes the importance of each individual and our community as a whole. We work together as a team and are patient with each other. We motivate and support one another in difficult times.

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