Life changing experiences.

Get involved! Together we can march toward the goal of serving any foster youth that desires our services!

To all volunteers, staff, and anyone interested in joining us,

I would first like to say thank you for your desire to empower our kids. It has been my focus to impact parentless youth since 2009. While on a philanthropy trip, I decided that I would take my passion for water based sports, and my destiny to serve the most disenfranchised youth in America, and make it a reality. Since that faithful decision, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing young people. What our Urban Surf 4 Kids team is doing around the globe is enabling young people to make life changing decisions.

I will tell you a story of one of our youth, his name is Perris. This young man has had a difficult life, filled with depression, addiction, abuse, and abandonment. He is one of the youth that we had the opportunity to bring to San Diego from Nevada for one of our surf and serve events called, “So Cali Dreaming”. I was talking to Perris about how he enjoyed the day and I asked him if he learned anything from the day’s events. Without hesitation, and with a tear in his eye, Perris emphatically stated, “This is the best day of my life!”

This is the goal of every Urban Surf 4 Kids team member and event. Whenever we host an event, whether a surf camp, a serve the community event, or a simple talk with our youth, our goal is to make that day the best day in our youths’ lives.

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. From the bottom of my heart, I want to welcome you to our family, our team, and our village. You are not simply teaching a child how to surf, or Stand up paddle board, or swim. You are empowering a young person to change from the inside out. Let our surf camps be the spring board to a life that is changed and impacted.

Thank you again and welcome to the Urban Surf 4 Kids Ohana!


Wesley Stewart – Founder

Ways you can help

Visit our Events page to sign up for an upcoming camp in one or more of the areas listed below.

Set Up Team/Pack Up Team EOD (End of Day)

We bring and set up our supplies and equipment for every event a few hours before the event so that we can have enough time to get everything ready for the kids and other volunteers. We have 3-5 pop up tents, 4-6 tables, a volleyball court, nearly 100 wetsuits with a couple racks, 25-30 surfboards, changing tents and much more for each event. It takes 2-3 people 15+ trips each from the truck to our area to unload at the beginning of the day and an hour or so to set up and the same at the end of the day to pack up and load the truck. It is so very much appreciated when we have a handful more volunteers to help with the unloading and set up as well as the packing up and loading of the truck because it’s a lot of work.

Our set up team usually arrives at 8am (event specific) and packs up at the event’s end (usually around 3pm, again it’s event specific). There’s usually just one person that preps the truck for the event at the storage unit and drops everything off back there once the event is over by him/her self. We know it’s hard work so thank you for any moment of time that you can help us load/unload at our events, it is much appreciated.


Our volunteers make our events happen for each child that participates every time we set up a spot and bring our boards. Making sure each person is registered for our event and has accepted our terms and code of conduct keeps us safe and gives us a count of who’s checked in and which kids are with which group/chaperone. This is also a great opportunity to direct volunteers and/or participants to different areas (restrooms, changing areas, activity spots, etc.). Often times the registration table is also the first point of contact for new participants or passersby that want to know more about Urban Surf 4 Kids. Thank the registration team for smooth events from start to finish.

Food Service

We have amazing food sponsors that provide lunch and snacks for our group and having the opportunity to serve those who are serving our youth or youth that are participating is a great gift. Lunch starts around noon and the Food Service volunteers will help facilitate the long lines that start to get hungry once those great smells start to emanate. Thank our food service volunteers for fueling the next session on the water or on land after lunch.

In-Water Team

We want each child that attends our events to have a safe and fun surf experience. Every in-water volunteer gives us an extra chance at providing a one on one lesson with each of our kids that want to surf. If you’ve taught before it makes a big difference in getting our first timers up on their first day. If you’ve never taught a surf lesson before, but have surf experience we can teach you some basics to be a guide for your partner and quite often get first timers up on their first day. If you’re not much of a surfer, but love being in the water, there are plenty of kids that want to boogie board or just jump around in the water so we encourage you to join us too so they have a ‘big’ to keep them safe.

Most importantly, as long as everyone is safe and smiling all day, we’ve made the day a success and you’re a huge part of it.

Activities/Registration Team

At our events, about half of our youth will be in the water before lunch and then the other half after lunch. This is where our Activities Team comes in. This is an amazing opportunity to connect with our youth through many of the activities we have set up, from volleyball to bean bag throws, frisbee, football or even crafts. Some activities can be one on one or more, and give you a chance to bond with a youth or group of kids and can leave a powerful, lasting memory both for our volunteers and the youth.


All of our kids who are participating in our water-based activities will need a rash guard and, if the weather requires, a wetsuit. Making sure our kids are outfitted before they hit the water is important in keeping them safe. This is a great opportunity to pair each of our kids up with an in-water volunteer right in the same area. When our kids are done in the water we’d like to have them rinse and hang up their wetsuit and rash guard after use. Teaching our kids personal responsibility and care for our equipment that they borrow is important to us.

Grant Writing

Are you a writer or have a gift with words? There are many opportunities for our organization to receive grants and the process of applying for each of them can be different. Let us know if you’d like to help in this area and we can give you more information about how. Contact for more information.


Our Ohana is built on the generosity of our volunteers’ time and commitment to the kids we serve as well as the donations we receive from the public, our peers, foundations (grants) or companies that believe in what we do. Our program has costs associated with the upkeep, storage and transportation of our equipment (nearly all of which was donated or purchased with donation funds) to our surf camps. Our surf camps require fees for the permits to occupy the beach space where we hold our events. If you or someone you know is in a position to help us out financially, please donate to our cause either at one of our events or online.